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Individual sessions are aimed at helping an athlete improve their mindset, learn new mental skills and/or deal with any issues that are influencing their performance or psychological well being.  Sessions are individually tailored to the athlete and are 50 minutes in length.  Prices for this services are:

- $25 for an initial consult

- $100 for 1 session

- $475 for 5 sessions ($95 per session)

- $900 for 10 sessions ($90 per session)


- $200 per month

(Includes 2 meetings per month, unlimited access through text or email.  Billed on 1st of each month)

*Contact me about video meetings, if desired*


Group sessions are meant to help teams improve their mental skills and relationships with one another.  They can be in the form of presentations, group discussion, or team building activities.  All information is based on the team/sport and is meant to help create a positive environment that improves performance and satisfaction of each individual.  Topics may include goal setting, accountability, preparation, commitment to team values and norms, etc.


Speaking engagements can come in the form of presentations or formal speeches that cover topics related to mindset, improving performance, improving sports culture, or mental health in athletics.  The target audience for these presentations are athletes, coaches, parents, or anyone involved in sports.


Injury recovery sessions are specialized individual sessions where the goal is working through the mental struggles of rehabilitation.  These are also individualized and involve various forms of intervention to improve resiliency and mindset, all while focusing on the healing process.

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